A passion to do research and develop ideas into end user products, be they virtual or physical, is what we do at Araware. We are dedicated and committed and, even more so, passionate about what we do. We truly believe in the concepts we work on or we do not get involved with those projects in the first place. We believe in innovation and taking risks. All ideas may not come to fruition but then sometimes, some of those that do are the ones you’d never expect to even last beyond the research stage. And, at the end of the day, if our contributions make a difference in someone’s life, whether we benefit from them financially or not, is what we truly live and strive for. We are Araware.

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Clients around the world…


National Institutes of Health (NIH) Projects, National Science Foundation (NSF) Projects, University of Georgia (USA), King Saud University, University of St. Andrews, British Consulate-General, University of Glasgow, Prudential Real Estate and more…

Araware is part of the Medical Technology Link Alliance (Group of Companies)