Fearless Cards

Fearless Cards is a toolkit for basic computer literacy training for underserved populations. For more information, please visit http://www.fearlesscards.org. We are always looking for groups who may be interested in adapting this tool in local languages/dialects especially in the areas of South Asia. You may contact us for participation in this project or you may contact the Fearless Cards group directly by visiting their website.

Quoted from their website:

We have developed Fearless Cards, a novel design to help under-served communities overcome emotional barriers to learn computer and internet use. In our work with Hispanic day laborers experience strong emotional barriers in addition to lacking technical skills: fear, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence; their task is made more difficult given their limited English language skills.

Through an iterative process of design and testing we created the Fearless Cards, a set of basic, easy-to-use instructions to help extremely under-served populations learn to use computers and overcome their fears and lack of self-confidence.

Fearless Cards help reach the deep pockets of exclusion and allow extremely marginalized populations such as immigrant day laborers gain self-confidence and overcome emotional barriers that prevent them from starting to use computers and the internet to meet their daily needs.

 The Fearless Cards Starter deck complete with bilingual instructions is available for free at the Gallery and Download for examination, testing and feedback.

We will be happy to send a courtesy copy of a set if you complete the survey and agree to tell us how it goes in a couple of months.