our vision

Araware, as an organization with both for profit and for non-profit initiatives, is constantly looking for partners who are developing technologies which are in the initial stages of research and then partners who are in a position to assist in the development and implementation of marketable products using those ideas and emerging technologies.

Given our background, we concentrate in the following areas:

  • Image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition
  • HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
    • Augmented Reality Tools and Applications
    • 3D Visualization Tools and Applications
  • Assistive technologies
  • Wearable Computing
  • Bioinformatics

As part of our non-profit initiative, we also believe in not only collaborating and coordinating research activities with other partners ourselves but also initiating collaboration between various partners including the industrial sector and educational institutions.

As part of a larger group of companies dealing in both information technology and the medical fields of study, we are in a unique position to meet, discover and recognize new and emerging technologies in a wide range of areas. As an example, and especially one that highlights the merging of computer technologies and medicine, we are actively working on projects in the area of 3D-Bioprinting.

our end-goal

Allow the free flow and development of ideas for both research and product development – especially those that will benefit people who are in desperate need of those technologies today and not tomorrow. To this end, we aim to assist in the “meeting of the minds”, locate financial resources to allow them to meet their objectives and get the technology in the hands of those who truly need it.

opportunities in the pipeline

Listed below are initiatives for which we are currently seeking partners. Details for some of the listed initiatives can be made available under a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as their application is dependent on whether they are being sought out for simply research or profit or non-profit use.

  • Tools for the Visually Impaired

    We are continuously working towards developing applications for the visually impaired ranging from object recognition to navigation. See our R&D page for a list of selected publications in this area. To this end, we are always looking for partners who would be interested in utilizing our ideas to implement these tools in the form of desktop and mobile applications. If you are interested in working with us, especially in the implementation of applications that are geared towards wearable computing devices, then please get in touch with us. Read more…

  • Glasses-Free 3D Life-Size Visualization Tools

    Araware is carrying out research and development work with a company that holds several patents and trademarks for the development of glasses-free 3D visualization tools, including full on-stage life-size 3D displays, software applications, cameras and 3D data compression solutions. We are looking for development partners, such as educational institutions, who have interest in assisting us with the development of applications based on these technologies for the use in the medical field and industrial design. Read more…

  • 3D Internet Based Interactive Virtual Environment for Collaborative Manipulation of Robots and Other Hardware or Software Equipment

    We are working with a company in Europe that has developed a unique, modular, 3D Internet based interactive virtual environment for collaborative manipulation (using augmented reality) of robots and other hardware or software equipment. This development technology is in use today at European academic institutions for research and development and rapid prototyping. Universities are a key to the adaptation and development to further this concept. As such, we are looking for signing up with universities who would be interested in learning more about this technology and adopting it for local scientific, medical and industrial design. Read more…

  • Fearless Cards

    Fearless Cards is a toolkit for basic computer literacy training for underserved populations. For more information, please visit http://www.fearlesscards.org. We are always looking for groups who may be interested in adapting this tool in local languages/dialects especially in the areas of South Asia. You may contact us for participation in this project or you may contact the Fearless Cards group directly by visiting their website. Read more…